All too often we see customers spending valuable time tracking shipments, looking for bills of lading, and paying higher costs than they should for mail and freight. As USPS postal rates continue to rise, and the service levels are reduced, our mission at Pacific Worldwide Logistics is to offer better rates while providing more predictable service levels.

To stay competitive, it’s imperative to shave costs at every opportunity. But it’s important to make sure that doesn’t come at the expense of the customer experience. Outsourcing logistics to Pacific Worldwide Logistics gives you the capability to deliver your materials on time, every time with lower shipping costs.

Pacific Worldwide Logistics services are run with meticulous attention to detail and the flexibility you need to respond to a quickly-changing business environment. And they’re supported by innovative technologies that provide precise inventory visibility and up-to-the-minute tracking and delivery confirmation. We are one of the leading providers of third-party logistics in the United States and internationally with on-time deliveries and highly competitive pricing.

Some Of What We distribute:

  • Mailings
  • Transactional Mail
  • Letters
  • Flats
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Newsletter
  • Packets
  • Parcels
  • E-commerce Products
  • Publications
  • Correspondence
  • Merchandise
  • Advertisements


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